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Data Management and Systems Administration

Xybion's customizable methodology tackles your data and system admin needs, boosting efficiency and saving costs. Get a free consultation today.

How has Data Management and Administration Evolved?

System administration and data management were, and still are, closely associated with the software development lifecycle. However, as the data landscape has evolved, organizations now require swifter consolidation and management of business data, software, hardware, and electronic data outputs from end-users. Moving away from the notion of “data, data everywhere and not an ounce of information,” Xybion services aim to offer a comprehensive understanding of an organization’s current and future needs, to utilize enterprise data effectively.

Our Methodology – Utilizing Key Pillars – Culture, Roles, and Governance

Xybion offers services for managing data setup, administration, project/SDLC data management for digital/electronic records and assessing the digital health of enterprise data. We also provide solid data governance strategies, models, and integrations.

We provide the following methodology for enterprise data management and system administration, customizable for your organizational needs:

How is Data Management and Administration Implemented?

We employ our customizable operating model for all projects and programs, incorporating pre-defined data administration, management, and standardization packages. This customization is based on project and program criteria, data-driven metrics, and weekly/monthly status reporting.

Some of our deliverables include:

  • System administration guides
  • Data governance framework (customizable)
  • Data lakes using Spotfire and Tableau
  • Decentralized and centralized data management
  • System-driven and data-driven insights via metrics and reporting

How Can Xybion’s Data Management and Administration Service Benefit You?

Xybion has successfully implemented numerous projects of varying sizes, including large, medium, and small ones, as part of its software programs and customer engagements. The value realized, encompassing cost savings, adherence to schedules, resource optimization, and the adoption of a streamlined project approach, leads to faster delivery times and increased efficiency in cost management.

To discover more about our success stories, please contact us at [email protected]. You can also fill out the form to request a free consultation today.

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