Maximo® Solutions for the Complexities of Rail & Transport

The rail industry is confronted by immense capital requirements and a problematic regulatory environment, both causing rail IT to be at a point of inflection. The future of Rail Industry requires an environment wherein data centre operations, mobility applications and smart assets work together. Transportation elements (trip planning; car and train scheduling; terminal control; train and crew management) work with EAM (linear assets; rolling stock; maintenance repair and overhaul) as well as Commercial (lead-to-cash; business intelligence; pricing and CRM) and G&A (accounting; procurement and human resources). The transformation of how-work is productive and efficient that leads to railroads becoming more profitable and operationally competent.

Xybion Corporation has a long history of providing valuable solutions and services to IBM Maximo users in the rail industry. We developed rail industry-specific Maximo solutions that fine-tune the Maximo environment to better suit the unique needs of the rail industry.

  • The Time Entry Device
    The solution interfaces a touch screen kiosk with Maximo to allow entry of labour reporting and attendance data into Maximo. The solution allows maintenance technicians to swipe their employee badge and be presented with a list of assigned work orders in Maximo. They can quickly enter their labor time per work order and track daily attendance.
  • GST (Graphical Selection Tool)
    A configuration developed by Xybion includes a chart embedded into Maximo for visualizing railroad assets. This provides users with the capability of visually seeing their assets and allows managers and maintenance technicians to search for open work orders and schedule resources.
  • Inspection Compliance Solution
    Involves the development of an inspection compliance process for tunnels and bridges in core Maximo and mobile. The solution replaces the need for the paper-based inspection system. Gathering user requirements, developing documentation, testing and training comprises this perfectly built solution.
  • Global Harmonization of Maintenance Practices
    Utilizing Mobile devices allows users to submit service requests and perform corrective maintenance work using devices integrated with Maximo.