Comprehensive Audit Trail

Audit Tracking Solution for IBM Maximo® – Built by Xybion

Using the electronic audit or electronic signatures capabilities in Maximo? Explore CAT.

What is CAT?

CAT (Comprehensive Audit Trail) is an add-on module developed by Xybion for IBM Maximo that provides the capability of displaying the electronic records (EREC) and electronic signatures (ESIG) in a user-friendly, and easy-to-navigate interface.  Although Maximo can capture these records independently, CAT provides the user with visibility without the need for custom reports or support from IT. CAT runs as a tab within your Maximo applications where EREC or ESIG is enabled. It only displays the records that have been captured by EREC and ESIG and shows the user before and after changes in an easy-to-view layout.

Simple to Install and Manage

CAT is installed as an additional tab inside of IBM Maximo. System admins can choose which modules to leverage the additional audit functionality of the Comprehensive Audit Trail.

The Challenge 21 CFR Part 11 .10e clause requires the “Use of secure, computer-generated, time-stamped audit trails to independently record the date and time of operator entries and actions that create, modify or delete electronic records. Record changes shall not obscure previously recorded information. Such audit trail documentation shall be retained for a period at least as long as that required for the subject electronic records and shall be available for agency review and copying.” CAT is an integral part of the Xybion assetGRC solution for Maximo®.

Application Features:

  • Integrated solution within Maximo
  • Added as a tab within each application requiring EREC or ESIG
  • Displays all related tables
  • Shows “old” vs. “new”
  • Displays ESIG transactions
  • Only changes are displayed

Watch an Introductory Demo Of CAT

The Comprehensive Audit Trail (Upgraded to v2.0!) utility from Xybion is now available for you to try for 30 days.

Contact Xybion for more information on CAT and how it can help you quickly display audit and electronic signature information in Maximo.