BRIE ETL – The Bulk Record Import & Export

Maximo Implementation Casestudy

Xybion, a leading solution provider and authorized reseller for the IBM Maximo® solutions, has built a powerful yet easy to use ETL (Extract, Transform & Load) add-on software for Maximo® that facilitates the often-difficult process of bulk record import and export activities. The BRIE ™ application was designed exclusively for the IBM Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management system and IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT industry to import and export the data. Using Maximo® Business Logic rules, BRIE ™ leverages industry standard tools to ensure data integrity throughout the import and export process. The migration of the data is secure, keeping the data clean and validated.

BRIE™ is an essential tool for projects demanding mass changes or additions to Maximo® records. By automating the process, time spent entering data is minimal and the margin for error significantly decreased. BRIE™ has been successfully engaged in system upgrades, plant relocations, commissioning/decommissioning and information sharing with vendors.


The Challenge

To fully leverage the advanced capabilities of IBM Maximo® Enterprise Asset Management, it is often necessary to import and export data. To ensure consistency and compliance, Maximo® users must have an easy to use, repeatable and verifiable process for data import and export.


  • Migrate data from other systems into Maximo®
  • Add new facility (SITES) to Maximo® by collecting data onsite and loading with BRIE
  • Mass updates of existing Maximo® data
  • Collect inventory physical count balance (Cycle Count and Yearly Inventory refresh)
  • Add Document Attachment URLs from document system into Maximo®
  • Export Work Orders to manage scheduling

Application Features

  • Data migration exclusively built for IBM Maximo®
  • A repeatable, verifiable process
  • Integrates Maximo® with MS Office
  • Uses Maximo®® Business Logic Rules
  • Includes capability for loading physical count inventory records into Maximo®
  • Supports IBM Tivoli Asset Management for IT
  • MAXIMO® Data Objects and Sub-Objects Supported by BRIE. Click here to Download the Product Datasheet