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Compliance Software for Maximo

Add-On Software to Improve Processes and Quality Control

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Compliance Embedded, Quality Engrained, Data Integrity Assured

BRIE ETL – Bulk Record Import and Export

To fully leverage the advanced capabilities of IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management, it is often necessary to import and export data. To ensure consistency and compliance, Maximo users must have an easy-to-use, repeatable, and verifiable process for data import and export.

If you need assistance importing or exporting bulk records, look no further. Xybion has built a powerful yet easy-to-use Extract, Transform & Load (ELT)
add-on software to facilitate the often-difficult process of Bulk Record Import and Export (BRIE) activities. BRIE is an essential tool for projects demanding mass changes or additions to Maximo records. By automating the process, time spent entering data is minimal and the margin for error is significantly decreased.

The BRIE ETL application is designed exclusively for the IBM Maximo Enterprise Asset Management and IBM Tivoli Assest Management systems to
import and export data. Using Maximo business logic rules, BRIE leverages industry-standard tools to ensure data integrity throughout import and export processes. Data migration is secure, keeping data clean and verified.

Use Cases for BRIE ETL

Comprehensive Audit Trail (CAT) – Quickly Display Audit and Electronic Signature Information

Do you use electronic audit or electronic signature capabilities in Maximo? If so, the comprehensive, easy-to-install Audit Trail (CAT) module created by Xybion is for you.

CAT is an add-on module for IBM Maximo that provides the capability of displaying electronic records (EREC) and electronic signatures (ESIG) in a user-friendly and easy-to-navigate interface.

Although Maximo can capture these records independently, CAT provides you enhanced visibility without the need for custom reports or support from IT. CAT runs as a tab within your Maximo applications where EREC or ESIG is enabled. It displays records that have been
captured by EREC and ESIG and shows you before and after changes in an easy-to-view layout.

CAT is installed as an additional tab inside of IBM Maximo. System administrators can choose which modules to leverage the additional audit functionality of the Comprehensive Audit Trail.

Comprehensive Audit Trail Demo

Ready to see more? View an informative video of the CAT add-on software.