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Case Study: Independent Research Firm Verdantix Report

Emidence XD is the Single Cloud Solution for Safety, Occupational Health, Risk, Compliance and Claims Management.

Xybion's Customers Proactively Ensure EHS Compliance With Real-Time Data Access

A single solution
A single solution for safety, health, compliance, and claims management.
People-centric approach
Offers a people-centric approach to end-to-end worker health management.
EHS digital acceleration platform architecture
A unique EHS digital acceleration platform architecture designed for regulated industries.

About Emidence XD

Trusted by the most reputable brands in the world

Speed the pace of innovation while increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing compliance risks.

Unified Workplace Health, Safety, Medical Care, Case and Compliance Management Cloud Platform For Managing Employee Safety And Care Path Life-Cycle – Pre and post-injury