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PQM / Computer System Validation - US

Manage the Computer System Validation and Regulatory requirements for Pharma clients to meet project deliverables. Provide a high level of expertise and consultation to the Project Manager on Validation, Quality & compliance management and Project Deliverables. Manage escalations from stakeholders with appropriate stakeholder management & communication. Participate in internal or external audits hosted by client.

Roles and Responsibilities:

  • Understand and adhere to the Client Regulations/Processes, SOP on Project Management, Change Management, Document Management and Quality Management; and, Computerized System Validation concept with regards to document management, and V Model Methodology.
  • Support the Project Manager throughout the project delivery, with regards to aspects of project related risk, compliance and quality.
  • Responsible for the delivery of all defined Quality Management documentation.
    • Establish, implement and monitor the QM requirements which assures that IT Projects meet Quality and Regulatory requirements.
    • Maintain the project risk register for ongoing project, Perform Root Cause (RCA) analysis on trends and address deviations via preventive, detective and corrective measures driving enhanced PQM’s deliverables and competencies.
    • Apply required internal and external Quality/Compliance standards to work products. (Change control, validation documents etc.)
    • Manage appropriateness of preparation and readiness of the project for hand-over of the system/processes to the operational organization together with the project managers.
    • Ensure adequate analysis has been performed for relevant testing conditions; based on functional risk assessment, test overview list, test plan, test results, test deviations and change requests.
    • Oversee the validation of the deliverables as per client project management methodology.
  • Pro-actively seek Project Manager’s input to develop necessary QM controls and validation of all QM documentation.
    • Perform the project tollgate/check point reviews and post implementation reviews with reporting to management.
  • Participate in compliance audits related to GxP and SoX controls and provide required information related to audit findings, deviation handling, RCA & CAPA.
  • Training – Train and coach the project team, as required, on relevant project procedures, good documentation practice, good testing practice and CSV basics.

Education Requirement:

Degree in Computer Science.

Preferred skills:

  • Good written and spoken communication.
  • Analytical skills.
  • Organized and good at reporting.

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