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Pristima Brochures

Pristima: Preclinical LIMS

An end-to-end Digital Laboratory Execution System with workflows, innovative technology-driven automation, connected systems and facilities, and data and information management for the entire preclinical process.

Pristima Core:
Preclinical Data Management

Pristima Core is a fully integrated, end-to-end enterprise solution for tracking and managing veterinary facilities and research subjects throughout the preclinical research process.

Pristima: IACUC, Veterinary, and Facility Management

The Pristima Veterinary Management (VM) provides robust functionality for animal care and use committees in managing veterinary health, orders, billing, and clinical records for long term studies.

Pristima Core
Animal Room

Pristima Core provides a complete Animal Room module as part of its preclinical data management solution. Pristima Core Animal Room provides a single solution to handle all typical and atypical animal room activities.

Pristima Core
Clinical Pathology

Pristima Core Clinical Pathology includes a sample driven architecture and delivers advanced capabilities for the online collection, identification, labeling, analysis and approval of the individual sample.

Pristima Core
Colony Data Management

The Pristima Colony Management  tracks animal orders and receipt information including birth, parental, and supplier information. Unlike other software, Pristima treats each animal as a unique subject.

Pristima Core

Pristima Core Histopathology is designed to allow users to record and manage histopathology observations and diagnoses on a study. The Histopathology Data Management module was designed with the pathologist in mind.

Xybion Digital Pathology

Our Digital Pathology software provides unique competitive and productivity advantages including faster turnaround times, reduced costs, easier pathogen identification, reduction in IT costs, slide storage costs, and simplified sharing of slides with all parties involved in the diagnosis chain.

Pristima Core
Historical Controls

The architecture of the historical controls database imports historical data from systems other than Pristima, allowing laboratories to use one common tool for all of their analytical requirements.

Necropsy Room

The advanced data management features ore designed to accommodate the diverse operating procedures required by the preclinical data management community. The system facilitates collaboration among teams performing necropsy room tasks.

Peer Review

An effective peer review improves the accuracy and quality of pathology results and interpretations. Pristima Peer Review is a comprehensive online solution for the pathology peer review processes.

Pristima Core Pharmacy Management & Formulation

Pristima Core Pharmacy and Formulation module is designed to record and maintain data relating to test materials received, used and disposed of by the laboratory’s pharmacy unit. 

Pristima Core Reproduction & Teratology

The system is designed to address the requirements of general toxicology and reproduction/teratology study designs. All measurements available for adult animals in the animal room, necropsy room, and clinical pathology modules are leveraged for reproduction and teratology studies.

Pristima Core Select Analyzers

Pristima Core is a fully integrated, end-to-end enterprise solution for tracking and managing veterinary facilities and research subjects throughout the preclinical research process.

Pristima Core

Pristima Core Histology is a comprehensive online solution for the histology processes and sample tracking. It improves the quality and accountability of sample processing from sample collection to data analysis.

Pristima Host Query Analyzers

Pristima Core is a fully integrated, end-to-end enterprise solution for tracking and managing veterinary facilities and research subjects throughout the preclinical research process.

Pristima IACUC Management

Pristima IACUC Management is a groundbreaking LIMS module built for preclinical research facilities, designed to streamline protocol management, ensure rigorous compliance with IACUC standards, and enhance the overall efficiency of research operations.

SEND Brochures

SEND Intelligence Services

Xybion has developed a clear set and structured line of services and solutions that meet organizational needs across the SEND spectrum to ensure FDA SEND compliance. 

Savante Overview

Savante is designed to support the workflows of study directors, toxicologists, pathologists, and data scientists, enabling consistent views of study data regardless of the source.

Xybion LIMS Brochure

Xybion LIMS

Xybion LIMS is a cloud-based total business process management solution designed for the laboratory environment. Xybion LIMS is a unique, comprehensive solution for quality, governance, risk and compliance designed to optimize laboratory business process flows.

Xybion LIMS for Life Science Labs

Xybion LIMS for Life Science Labs is a unique, comprehensive solution for quality, governance, risk and compliance designed for GLP laboratory environments. It can be used as a standalone laboratory information management system or integrated with Pristima.

Xybion LIMS Document Management

Xybion LIMS DMS is a full-featured document management system that includes built-in best practices for 21 CFR Part 11, ISO and quality processes, as well as governance processes such as SOX.

Xybion LIMS Quality Management

Xybion LIMS Quality Management System combines leading edge technology, advanced workflow and analytics that will help your organization ensure consistency and compliance across a broad spectrum of key business processes.

COVAPP COVID-19 Test Management

COVAPP is a complete end-to-end COVID-19 Test Management software that creates a comprehensive solution for assuring compliance with regulatory guidelines globally.

Quality Management System and Compliance Brochures

Xybion QMS
Quality Management System

Xybion QMS is a highly adaptable and technologically advanced Quality Management System (QMS). Xybion QMS is purpose-built with embedded quality and compliance. This next-generation platform ensures compliance, risk, and quality in complex, highly regulated industries.

Compliance Builder

Compliance Builder with Real Time Monitoring provides real-time visibility, enhanced control, and information security across your entire information enterprise ensuring full data integrity and 21 CFR Part 11 compliance.

Compliance Risk

Compliance Risk Predictor helps life sciences companies conduct quantitative assessments of business risks. The patented solution improves a company’s ability to understand current compliance status, know compliance risks, and prioritize actions.

Compliance Validation Services

Xybion Validation Management Services provides superior service and expertise required to meet all your Computer System Validation and Software Testing needs. Xybion can help you define and complete your validation projects on time and within budget through our services and enterprise solutions.

Compliance Builder

The Compliance Builder with Real Time Monitoring – Database application provides management and control of any RDBMS based system, including SOL-based applications, batch systems and custom-developed DB applications.

Compliance Builder

Compliance Builder File allows you to import existing data from laboratory instrument files, Microsoft Excel spreadsheets, and Microsoft Word documents or any other file based system. 

Compliance Builder Information Security Software

Compliance Builder Information Security is designed to help you meet the requirements set out by 21 CFR Part 11, SOX and other regulations by securing and monitoring any filebased system or application. 


Credana is a leading digital workplace solution providing endto-end process management to automate and simplify the complex process of accreditation, recognition and auditing programs, including the Medical Device Single Audit Program. 

Xybion Accreditation
Data Sheet

Xybion’s Credana is the leading digital workplace solution providing end-to-end process management to automate and simplify the complex process of accreditation, recognition and auditing programs, including the Medical Device Single Audit Program.

BRIE – Bulk Record Import Export for IBM Maximo

Using Maximo Business Logic rules, BRIE leverages industry standard tools to ensure data integrity throughout the import and export process. The migration of the data is secure, keeping the data clean and validated.

CAT – Comprehensive Audit Trail for IBM Maximo

CAT for IBM Maximo brings together the history of all changes for a particular IBM Maximo record. Changes from tables related to the record plus electronic signatures entries are shown in one convenient list.

Emidence Brochures

Workforce Health, Safety and Case Management

Emidence is a complete workforce health and safety, case, absence, claims, and compliance  platform.

Revenue Cycle

Whether you are looking for a full revenue cycle management platform or a simple to use compliant billing platform, Xybion’s digital billing platform is for you. Integrated with our practice management platform or as a standalone application, our billing module streamlines workflows and doesn’t require specialized billing services.


Emidence XD Incident Management delivers a comprehensive set of features that manages and controls many different types of incidences from their identification through final disposition, tracking and reporting. The incident workflow is included as part of the out-of-the-box Emidence XD solution.

Emidence XD: Unified Workers' Comp Management

Emidence XD was designed for occupational health and occupational medicine industries where high levels of regulations and strict evidence based documentation of activities are necessary for both compliance and/or for safety and liability management.

Exigency Response Tracker

Emidence XD ERT is a mobile app that can be deployed and used right from your mobile device, tablet or desktop. It is anchored by Emidence XD, Xybion’s Total Employee Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) cloud application. 

Workers' Comp Cloud Medical Bill Review

Xybion’s flexible, rules-based bill review engine combined with the power of our cloud platform will ensure best-in-class accuracy and turnaround time. The software delivers a high level of fee schedule automation to maximize your workers’ compensation savings. 

Workers’ Comp Cloud – Soft Tissue Injury Management

Xybion’s cloud and evidence-based solution easily integrates with existing core systems, augments the capabilities of all professionals found along the STI care, claims, and leave management continuum.

Workers’ Comp Cloud - Evidence Based Compliance

The Workers’ Comp Cloud delivers a full suite of integrated applications that provides increased operational efficiencies and lowered costs. No longer will you need to manage islands of data as Workers’ Comp Cloud delivers a single source of truth.

Workers’ Comp Cloud
Safety, Compliance, and OSHA

Xybion’s Workers’ Comp Cloud helps organizations to comply with OSHA 29CFR regulations and current OSHA eReporting requirements (81 FR 29624) while supporting the OSHAS 18001 framework. 

Emidence XD
Case Management

Xybion’s Case Management platform starts with the first report of injury and easily integrates with all stakeholders along the employee care path. Our system is designed to capture bio-psycho-social factors and has a full risk assessment built in, enabling real-time decisions.

Enterprise Content Management

Emidence ECM helps businesses simplify collaboration, create content, and transmit and assure compliance across all parts of your business processes. The sophisticated system manages information across all systems and data repositories and offers robust functionality to help improve workplace efficiencies.

Provider Network Management

Xybion’s Provider Network Management solution is a robust contracting platform that seamlessly integrates with medical bill review platforms, claims systems, and other provider directories. It manages credentialing, maintains a full audit trail of contract rates and enables contract rate negotiations based on state regulations.

ECM XD Brochures

Enterprise Document Management

ECM XD is a secure web-based system that offers out-of-the box compliance. ECM XD provides full versioning, a flexible folder/file structure; workflow based collaborative document review, approvals and distributions; full text searches and notifications.

Xybion Federated Records Management

Federated Records Management leaves records in their native repository, but manages them from a centralized records system. PathBuilder is system agnostic middleware designed to federate, integrate, replicate and migrate structured and unstructured data housed in disparate repositories.