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Xybion Digital | SOT 2023

Xybion Digital is exhibiting its two innovative advancements at SOT 2023 Pristima XD and Digital Pathology

Xybion to Exhibit at SOT 2023

Xybion Digital is exhibiting its two innovative advancements at SOT 2023.

Pristima XD and Digital Pathology are two software solutions that streamline workflows and operations in toxicology. They ensure that technology is enabling development, not hindering it.

This year, the Society of Toxicology (SOT) event is once again in-person only. The expo will last from March 19-23 this year and will be hosted in Downtown Nashville.

More than 5,000 professional toxicologists and those from similar fields will gather in the Nashville Music City Center. In addition, hundreds of companies will share their advancements. Over 70 featured and scientific sessions are being held to display them.

In this brief overview, we’ll explain what’s happening at SOT 2023. Read on to learn about the five-day event, as well Xybion Digital’s technological contributions.

Xybion Digital's Participation in SOT 2023

We invite you to visit Xybion at booth #1009 to experience our robust preclinical research and development management solution, Pristima XD. It is designed to unify all aspects of preclinical R&D with compliance and operations for preclinical studies, veterinary, IACUC, and vivarium management. In addition, Pristima XD streamlines data management and analysis, allowing faster and more accurate decision-making. SOT attendees will also have the unique opportunity to experience the seamless integration of digital peer review and full toxicology data collection with Xybion Digital Pathology software.  

Pristima XD Preclinical Solution

Pristima XD is a comprehensive preclinical laboratory execution system. It streamlines processes by using centralized storage and intelligent tools such as automation.

Without this type of software, preclinical data ends up in numerous places. In addition, organizations often use a combination of internal and external data storage. This makes sourcing what you need time-consuming, ultimately costing you money.

But with Pristima XD, all preclinical data stays in one place. That includes all data from subject acquisition all the way through to study submission.

Key Features and Benefits of Pristima XD

Pristima XD not only enables centralized storage but also works for you. Intelligent design features include:

  • Task automation
  • Connected systems
  • Centralized storage across multiple facilities

Automation in particular reduces human error across the board. Moreover, this single solution saves scientists time wasted sourcing data. Instead, they can spend all their time on high-value work.

Digital Pathology

Besides time and cost savings, Digital Pathology can improve actual diagnostic accuracy. The intelligent digital element leads to easier identification of pathogens. Digital slide reading abilities and toxicology data collection systems can improve scientists’ accuracy.

Human error will therefore, likely decrease. In addition, a single database, as well as digitization, removes several steps where human error typically occurs.

Why Choose Xybion's Preclinical Solution and Digital Pathology?

Xybion’s Preclinical Solution and Digital Pathology are the perfect choice for any organization to streamline its research process and maximize productivity. 

By utilizing Pristima XD’s centralized data storage, you can reduce the workload on your scientists by eliminating manual processes. With all preclinical data stored in one system, locating data quickly and efficiently for years to come becomes effortless.

Digital Pathology takes this one step further by removing the need for physical slide storage and making slide management completely digital. This not only saves money but also accelerates processes from start to finish.

Overall, choosing Xybion’s Preclinical Solution and Digital Pathology can significantly increase your organization’s efficiency and productivity while ensuring compliance. 

What Makes Xybion Stand Out in the Market?

Xybion has almost 50 years of experience in the industry, which has allowed us to identify areas for improvement in toxicology processes and find innovative ways to optimize them. Our expertise enables us to provide our clients with the best possible solutions and stay ahead of industry trends and developments.

Furthermore, our software solutions have received numerous awards, including the Outstanding Service Award from the National Center for Toxicological Research. These awards are a testament to the quality of our products and our commitment to providing exceptional service to our clients.

Lastly, Xybion’s software is constantly undergoing improvements and updates to ensure it remains the most streamlined, integrated, and cutting-edge solution in the market. Our commitment to innovation means that our clients can rely on us to provide the most up-to-date and effective software available.

Harness the Power of Technology in Toxicology!

The SOT annual meeting allows professional toxicologists to meet and speed up everyone’s progression. If you’re visiting SOT 2023, let us show you the power of these software solutions with our interactive demonstrations of Pristima XD and Digital Pathology. This lets you test the software and see just how groundbreaking it is before you even commit. Book a demo today to experience how the software will revolutionize your toxicology processes.


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