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Xybion Digital: Accelerating Laboratory Results | Pittcon 2023

Pittcon 2023 is a venue for exchanging information on the latest advances in laboratory science. Check out Xybion’s latest innovations at this event.

Xybion Digital's Laboratory Acceleration Solutions at Pittcon 2023

Are you looking to upgrade your laboratory’s software and solutions? Look no further than the Pittcon Conference + Expo 2023! This premier event offers speakers, product demonstrations, and more for life sciences lab professionals. 

At Xybion Digital, we aim to accelerate labs’ timelines from discovery to final results. Xybion, a global SaaS company that provides end-to-end unified cloud software solutions for regulated industries, will showcase Labwise XD, a unified laboratory management solution that includes LIMS, ELN, QMS, data management, and powerful analytics.

Xybion Digital specializes in solutions for highly regulated industries for a reason. We know how important compliance is and how costly a lack of compliance can be to your business.

Do you want to learn more about how Xybion’s lab acceleration solutions can benefit you? Then, Pittcon 2023 is your chance to do just that. Keep reading to learn more about Pittcon and Xybion Digital’s R&D solutions.

Xybion Digital at Pittcon 2023

Xybion Digital is presenting at Pittcon 2023 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania! Pittcon is a premier conference that brings experts, researchers, and suppliers to laboratory science and technology.

Pittcon is a one-stop shop to see all the latest innovations and advances in lab sciences. In addition, the conference will feature speakers, exhibits, and networking opportunities for the world’s top research professionals.

Research professionals (process development, lab management, chemical analysis people) and lab equipment companies are encouraged to attend.

Networking sessions will also be available to meet with like-minded individuals from your industry.

Technical program sessions will cover on-site detection, 3D printing, analytic techniques, microplastics and PAHs, mass spectrometry, biosensor design, food safety, and more.

Attendees will hear from professionals like Joanna Aizenberg of Harvard University, Sam Nugen of Cornell, and Timothy Swager from MIT.  International speakers will also visit and give some insights about your needs.

Xybion Customer Success Stories

We have several happy customers including the top 20 global biopharmaceutical companies. Here are some of the top benefits you can expect from our laboratory acceleration solutions.

Improving Turnaround Times

Xybion Digital’s solutions can help you get test results faster. These systems seamlessly combine all the necessary components to make your lab more efficient.

Our Labwise XD enables automated processes and integrates with downstream sources to reduce redundant data entry. Ultimately, that means fewer quality risks for your organization, and you can get your products to market faster.

Streamlining Lab Workflows

The seamless, all-in-one nature of our platforms for labs can also improve operational efficiencies.

Our customers have highly praised our products, commending our platform’s ability to alleviate the challenge of purchasing multiple systems. They have noted that our single platform can be configured to integrate seamlessly into existing processes. For example, Labwise incorporates QA and data management processes. But the system also includes sample management and tracking. In addition, the built-in ELN allows for easy storage and retrieval of records to reduce paper costs.

Ensuring Regulatory Compliance

One of the most powerful features of all our systems is the regulatory and QA compliance capabilities. Our products offer a vast range of features to ensure your lab operations are safeguarded in every possible way. For example, we offer real-time risk tracking. This capability allows labs to identify audit risks as soon as they appear. That way, you can avoid costly delays if your audit returns less than favorable.

Xybion Showcasing Labwise XD at Pittcon 2023

Xybion’s lab acceleration solutions, like Labwise XD can accelerate and streamline your lab operations more efficiently while ensuring compliance and data integrity. With Labwise XD, your organization can stay compliant, make more accurate decisions, and improve lab operations efficiency.

Want to see the benefits of our comprehensive lab management system? Visit booth #3004 to see our innovative LIMS solution and discover how it can improve and simplify your laboratory operations with unified quality, compliance, instrument calibration, training records, sample management, and more.

Can’t attend Pittcon 2023? Schedule a complimentary demo with us today to experience a tailored solution that addresses your unique laboratory needs.