Xybion Announces the Release of eQCM-XD™: A Digital Acceleration Platform Providing Governance, Risk, Predictive Compliance, Health & Safety and Quality Management

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Xybion’s eQCM solution has been in the marketplace for over 20 years, and is designed for regulated industries where high levels of regulations and strict evidence-based documentation of activities are necessary for both compliance and/or for safety and liability management.

eQCM-XD is built on the Xybion “Digital Acceleration Platform,” a low-code technology stack that powers faster innovation, increased operational efficiency, and reduced cost. eQCM-XD provides a single, out-of-the box, yet highly configurable solution, delivering immediate value without costly customizations. Additionally, the low-code technology stack facilitates “configurations” vs. “customizations,” allowing client specific solutions to be delivered in days as opposed to months.

Xybion’s Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Pradip Banerjee stated, “Companies operating in highly regulated industries have languished far too long with technology and platforms that not only hamstring end users, but prevent their organizations from realizing the efficiency and productivity gains necessary to innovate and thrive.” Dr. Banerjee went on to say, “Why is it that we tolerate 20th century technology in the workplace but not at home? We saw many of our clients struggle to manage disparate and outmoded systems and realized the need in the marketplace for a unified digital platform that could replace or consolidate multiple systems.”

According to a 2017 Boston Consulting Group study, over half of the top performers devote at least 5% of their operating expenses to digital investment. Additionally, the most pressing question for these top performers is how to accelerate their digital transformation, cashing in on their previous digital investments and maintaining their edge over competitors. (https://www.bcg.com/en-us/publications/2017/technology-digital-beyond-hype.aspx)

“With our Digital Acceleration Platform, we’ve created a way for companies to consolidate systems and concentrate more of their resources on core innovation activities,” stated Dr. Banerjee. “It’s a revolutionary approach that enables organizations to speed up their digital transformation by combining innovation, quality, and compliance into a single cloud-based ecosystem, which accelerates a product’s time to market while, improving quality and compliance.”

Purpose-built with embedded quality and compliance, this next generation platform ensures compliance, risk and quality in complex and highly regulated industries. Easily tailored to a company’s specific operating style and business needs, eQCM-XD automates compliance, risk, health & safety, and quality management, while ensuring that organizations maintain a seamless workflow connecting internal organizations with external partners, vendors, and regulators in highly regulated work environments.

Xybion’s eQCM-XD delivers GRC and EHSQ management on a single cloud platform for today’s digitally connected world, meeting the needs of organizations in highly regulated industries today AND in the future.

About Xybion Corporation
Xybion is the leading provider of software, services and consulting for global corporations operating in highly regulated industries. Our unique solutions focus on regulatory compliance, GRC, health & safety, quality management, integrated R&D and laboratory process management, and systems validation. Xybion’s combination of software, business process management, services, validation, and implementation services enable us to cover a broad spectrum of critical business needs for organizations and deliver solutions on a global scale. Since its founding in 1977, Xybion Corporation has supported clients in highly regulated industries around the world including 100% of the top 20 global life sciences companies, through software, services and consulting. Our leadership in this dynamic and ever-changing industry has been a cornerstone of our high-value reputation.