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What is a LIMS?

Importance of Laboratory Information Management Systems

LIMS Digital Lab Solution

Are you drowning in paperwork and spending hours on data input? Do you have a system in place to ensure everyone follows protocol and guarantee compliance? Typically, you will find that traditional data recording methods are too inefficient to fulfill the demands of modern labs. And this is where LIMS software comes into play.

What is a LIMS? A Laboratory Information Management System (LIMS) is a software solution designed to meet the needs of the modern laboratory. LIMS software facilitates the management of samples and associated data to improve overall lab efficiency. With LIMS, you can standardize your end-to-end workflows and procedures while ensuring accurate controls.

Today’s laboratories generate vast amounts of data that can no longer be feasibly managed by pinning printed results onto a paper notebook. Lab operations need to be supported by management and automation tools that enhance efficiency and ensure regulatory compliance. LIMS software can provide you with the necessary tools to effectively manage and control vital lab processes and information.

Here’s your comprehensive guide to LIMS software.

Importance of Laboratory Information Management Systems (LIMS)?

What does digital transformation look like in modern laboratories? Before the tech era, lab processes in various industries, including production and biopharmaceutical, were manual or semi-manual. With modern lab tech, laboratories are drawing closer to those featured in blockbuster movies where whimsical scientists experiment on the improbable.

Even though lab work is a lot less glamorous and a tad bit more serious in real life, advancements in technology have transformed old-school labs into centers of modern excellence. Nowadays, labs must produce accurate results in lesser time. A case in point is the impressive 11-month sprint that led to the manufacture of the leading coronavirus vaccines.

All this would not be possible without LIMS software that allows labs, biobanks, and biorepositories to track, process, and manage large amounts of data. LIMS systems are designed to instill consistency, improve data quality and optimize lab operations.

Capabilities of LIMS

Primarily, LIMS is used as a reporting tool where users can enter data about a test sample such as batch number, inspection number, date, expiration date, time, location, etc. From the moment a sample is received to the end of its lifecycle, LIMS is used to ensure accurate records. LIMS sample management system reduces the risk of contamination, expiration, and loss.

LIMS sample manager is also valuable for location tracking. You can keep track of what’s in a specific freezer, down to the level of the shelf. LIMS allows you to streamline lab processes and improve accuracy and efficiency at the same time.

Sample inventory management may be the core functionality of LIMS, but the software is capable of much more than this. LIMS software features several technology capabilities that can be tailored to fit the unique needs of your operations.

Understand LIMS lab data management capabilities

Here are few other ways LIMS systems can optimize your lab operations.

  • Instrument Integration
    This feature allows you to insert control files into individual laboratory instruments and equipment and direct their functioning. Increased integration with instruments ensures more secure data management and reduces time spent processing, reporting, and providing safe data access. Because different lab instruments produce results in different file formats, instrument integration is a particularly wonderful solution. It ensures quality control and eases the interpretation process. Another great thing about this feature is that you can receive prompts for scheduled preventative maintenance ensuring your lab techs are not using instruments whose specifications are not up to par.
  • Data Management and Analytics
    As mentioned, labs generate vast amounts of data which creates the need for a data management system that allows for configuration and archiving. A LIMS will enable you to leverage this data to generate useful quality control information.

    Sometimes you need to visualize your data to make sense of it. LIMS collects a great deal of information that can be used to generate valuable quality control information. For instance, is one of your instruments outperforming the others? Do you have a particular work process that is not particularly efficient? LIMS can generate reports and dashboards that you can use to optimize your entire lab and improve your process.

  • Workflow Management
    In a lab that conducts large-scale research, a tool that can streamline decision-making is incredibly useful. LIMS reduces the amount of time spent on administration work giving technicians more time to dedicate to research.

    If this is a functionality you need, consider a LIMS that can:

    • Automatically assign work to team members
    • Outline regulatory and procedural research rules.
    • Outline testing processes and which instruments should be used at each stage.
  • Reporting, Maintenance, and Inventory Management
    Do you have a lot of backlogs? Get a LIMS that can sort this out for you. LIMS software features inventory management systems that you can use to track all the reagents and consumables in your lab. You can manage formulations, workflows, and volumes ensuring you never run out of a product.

    The right LIMS system keeps a detailed record that can:

    • Identify how long your backlog is.
    • Highlight the most used reagents and instruments in your lab.
    • Outline how long it takes to process a sample.

With LIMS, you can manage your inventory’s ins and outs, reducing costs by avoiding over-ordering and unintended reagent loss.

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