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How Artificial Intelligence Improves Your Compliance Risk Management Program

In the digital age, companies can utilize a better compliance risk management program through Artificial Intelligence. Read on to learn how.

Improving your Compliance Risk Management Program with Artificial Intelligence

The global artificial intelligence (AI) market is set to hit the $267 billion mark by the year 2027. It’s arguably the biggest problem-solver of the digital era. Companies are using AI to help them stay compliant in their industries.

Your ability to mitigate and respond to risk will say a lot about your company’s future. In the sections below, you’ll learn how this technology can help shape your compliance risk management program.

AI Helps to Predict Patterns

You must be a few steps ahead if you hope to eliminate compliance risks.

Companies all over are using predictive analytics to reduce their quality and compliance risks. It’s a sophisticated compliance risk management solution that establishes practices that you can stick to.

You’ll have access to real-time statistics that can shape your decision-making as you shore up compliance issues.

It Will Search for Compliance Risk Issues

AI can help to predict patterns in compliance by analyzing large amounts of data and identifying trends and patterns that may indicate a potential compliance risk. This can be done using machine learning algorithms, which are able to identify patterns and relationships in data that may not be immediately apparent to humans. It lets you know that you have reliable data and can accurately monitor your data lineage. 

There are all sorts of compliance risk issues you need to be aware of today. Some that will require your attention are:

  • Adapting to the workplace in a world trying to rebuild from COVID
  • Mental health compliance standards
  • Issues related to money laundering
  • Monitoring fraud and fraud risks
  • Managing the vulnerable private data of customers

Having built-in AI that can look for these sorts of issues will help keep your compliance risks under control.

AI Helps in Operations and Compliance

With the AI systems of today, all your operations and compliance needs are laid out on a single dashboard. This is helpful in laboratories and in research and development, where the accuracy of information is crucial.

These programs handle tasks like managing equipment and training records, tracking assets, and keeping meeting agendas and records.

Using AI lets you manage these issues with full transparency, while also creating an archive. It comes with a document management system that organizes your files and creates reports. Overall, the use of AI in operations and compliance can help organizations more effectively identify and address compliance risks, streamline processes, and improve efficiency, leading to a stronger and more effective compliance program.

An Accurate Accounting of Potential Fines

When you’re dealing with a compliance risk, you always have to know what you can expect in fines.

Learn about the major areas of compliance that affect your business to avoid breaking any laws or regulations. Consider your company’s typical exposure to risk and plan accordingly.

AI can help you keep an accurate accounting of the monetary damage you’d sustain with one of these violations. This helps you stay on task and adds urgency to your compliance risk management program.

Companies also have different penalties that they are subject to base on their industry.

Organizations like the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) issue updated fine amounts each year. Your system can immediately update these for you without you needing to handle any research on your own.

Up-to-Date Information with Regulatory Compliance

Keeping up with current laws and regulations will help your compliance risk management program more than anything. Rather than having to set aside time for legal research, your software will stay up-to-date with the latest changes.

It will be updated anytime new legislation passes that affects the way that you do business and will set the rules and parameters that apply. The automation saves you time while adding legal checks and balances.

Handling the legal aspect of digital information is more important than ever in this day and age and will serve you well.

It Focuses on Industry-Specific Information

Regulations change quickly on an industry-wide level. Outside of breaking the law, you could receive infractions and reprimands in your industry.

If you’re in the pharmaceutical industry, you need to be aware of 21 CFR Part 11 compliance, which is a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulation related to how electronic signatures are accepted and documented.

With AI-powered compliance risk management software, you’ll get access to signature control tools. Using a software platform that runs on a single dashboard lets you handle authorizations and changes across all your information technology (IT) infrastructure.

Your company will have a better handle on preventing unauthorized access. It also gives you an audit trail and the ability to set alerts and notifications.

With accurate monitoring, AI allows you to ensure the integrity of your data right now.

You Can Improve Your Cybersecurity Protection

Cybersecurity is your greatest asset when you want to remain in compliance. There are several AI tools that you can use to improve your cybersecurity.

Many companies use an AI risk assessment that is constantly learning, updating, and improving their ability to protect against threats. Cyber threats are always changing and compromising vulnerabilities in different ways.

Having access to AI keeps you a few steps ahead so that your systems and data remain safe. It will also create customized breach management notifications that you can use to shape your cyber threat policies and guidelines.

Increase the Effectiveness of Your Compliance Risk Management Program

Begin to reconsider your compliance risk management program. AI is your biggest asset and can help you mitigate risk and keep your company safe. AI can be used to develop and implement more effective risk management strategies, such as by identifying and prioritizing high-risk areas and developing targeted risk mitigation strategies.

Risk prediction software, such as Xybion’s Compliance Risk Predictor, can help organizations identify and address potential compliance risks by analyzing large amounts of data and identifying patterns and trends that may indicate a potential compliance risk. This can help organizations proactively identify and address risks before they become problems.

Xybion has a remarkable Software as a Service (SaaS) platform that you can use to manage your compliance risks. We serve more than 160 countries and help clients in the life sciences, government, medical care, and so many other industries.We are happy to share the benefits of these products and how they can help you get your company’s compliance needs under control.

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