About Xybion

Redefining the Steps to Enterprise Transformation

Our Company

Xybion® is a leading software, services and consulting company dedicated to helping corporations solve business problems. Through intelligently designed systems and business processes, we help companies become more efficient, reduce costs and manage compliance, regulatory adherence and risk. Serving more than 150 customers in 16 countries, we have the global scale and expertise to bring employees around the world together to manage complex business processes and improve program administration. Xybion business segments include life sciences, workplace health, manufacturing, government and enterprise solutions. We put our expertise in action every day to help companies transform the digital workplace.

Xybion has grown through acquisitions and organically since its inception in 1977. Today, Xybion is the result of a successful execution of a strategic vision of creating a global solutions company with specialized software and services through strategic acquisitions and organic growth.

Ever since its inception, Xybion has supported over 150 clients including all of the top 20 global life sciences companies. Now, with its new digital acceleration platform, Xybion offers Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) or as individual modules for three major domains including Digital Lab for life sciences & healthcare, Risk, quality & compliance and Workplace Health & Safety.

Our History

Started with the acquisition of Xybion Corporation in 2008 by The Banerjee Group controlled by Dr. Pradip K. Banerjee. For over 30 years, large pharmaceutical companies and CROs have been using Xybion’s Pristima system for managing their preclinical R&D and drug safety testing for FDA submissions.

Today, Xybion is the result of a successful initial execution of a strategic vision of creating a global software driven solutions company with specialized software and services. Its core platform is architected to build multiple interconnected application from the same core database and sharing all data and information thereby assuring quality, compliance and data integrity.

Xybion's Timeline
We don’t just embrace change, we lead it. We continually adapt our solutions in response to changing market needs and emerging business risks. Our technology stack is current and our low-code systems make client deliveries more efficient.

We have expertise in the markets we serve. We are not afraid to humbly proclaim our domain expertise to establish credibility.

We work together as a team. We know that two minds are better than one and that diversity in thought leads to better solutions. We use our collaboration to support each other and create better solutions for our valued customers. 

Engaging: We don’t believe that one size fits all. We seek first to understand our customers’ business challenges, and only then do we propose custom-designed solutions to solve their business problems.

We are an established company with 40 years of demonstrated expertise, yet we maintain an entrepreneurial spirit that allows us to be nimble and innovative. Every employee is empowered to impact change.

We believe that managing risk and implementing change is achievable. Our passion for designing systems and business processes that help clients operate more efficiently results in our customers’ ability to achieve success.

Our Culture and Values

Our Operating Model

Global companies operating in the regulated industry need interconnected solutions designed to accelerate their unique business processes.
Xybion specializes in the development and delivery of flexible enterprise solutions that can be easily configured, integrated, or deployed out of the box to deliver the capabilities you need. How we deliver solutions is as important as the robust functionality contained within the software solutions. To support global companies competing in a global economy, we offer global delivery of solutions through our on-shore, off-shore and near shore Delivery Centers and local footprint in key geographies.

Xybion Solutions
Xybion’s solutions span a diverse set of technologies, industries and processes. Our core focus is on delivering technology and services that help global enterprises manage critical business processes in a regulated environment. We help our clients improve efficiency and reduce costs by ensuring their technology and processes are adhering to their industry’s unique requirements.

© Xybion Corporation 2020

© Xybion Corporation 2020