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“Your Process – Your Way”

Preclinical R&D Execution System

Gold standard for end-to-end preclinical research, SEND & submission

Digital Lab Execution System

Quality & compliance embedded cloud-based LIMS, Scientific Data & Total Laboratory Process Management

Total Quality & Compliance Risk Management

Total GRC, QMS, Predictive Risk & Real-time Compliance Management

Occupational Health, Safety, Care, Case, Compliance & Claims

One cloud connecting all stakeholders in a single database

Xybion Digital Acceleration Platform

Low-Code, Dynamic, intelligent BPM Cloud Platform. Customize pre-configured apps or create your own Apps

Speed the pace of innovation while increasing productivity, improving quality, and reducing compliance risks

It’s time to trade in those multiple, incompatible business software systems for one centralized, cloud-based platform. Your company continues to grow, and it has the whole world to expand. By 2020, more than 65% of all companies will be running a low-code, cloud-based platform to compete in our rapidly transforming global economy (Gartner, August 2019).

Global leaders choose XDP – a dynamic, intelligent, low-code BPM engine that works with all relevant data and documents

Imagine your customer-facing processes running systematically and efficiently. Centralized digital workplaces, where employees, partners, vendors, and regulatory authorities weigh in and collaborate from anywhere in the world. Our XDP solutions do just that, plus let you create end-to-end digital workflows, rules-driven automation, connected systems and facilities. The result, giving you data information management throughout your entire business operation to make everything seamless and easy. We help to make your digital transformation happen!

Get XDP pre-configured. Or customize it, your choice.
Your Process – Your Way

  • Enables full data integrity, chain of custody for both data and samples
  • Tracks quality and compliance risks consistently, improving operations, and lowering cost
  • Provides rapid, unified configurability to achieve goals
  • Creates digital business workflows, content integration, data management, and analytics
  • Secures submissions to regulators in an AI enabled, 21 CFR Part 11 for life sciences, 29 CFR for workplace health & safety, and other mandate compliant platforms

Click on any of the pre-configured App buttons to view the power of Xybion Digital Platform (XDP):

The unified Operational Integration layer of the Digital Acceleration Platform connects customers, suppliers and regulatory bodies. Pre-built code-sets allow rapid configuration of your processes. Intelligent Digital Workplace is your user interface with all your personalized applications presented through a modern UI and tools.

Click below to learn more about our pre-configured apps on XDP:

Global Protocol Registry

Protocol and test methods for screens, HTS, assays, genomics, biomarkers, animal & clinical studies

Preclinical R&D Execution System

Gold standard for end-to-end preclinical research, SEND & submission

End-to-End Digital Lab Execution System

Quality control & test lab process automation

Quality & Compliance Management

Total quality, audit, CAPA, complaint, and validation management

Third Party Risk Management (TPRM)

Automate and simplify supplier performance, SOW, MSA and other compliance

Real-time Compliance Monitoring

Real-time monitoring of files, databases, Sharepoint, equipment, instrument for 21 CFR Part 11 compliance


Predictive Compliance & Risk

Predict and manage risk-based on regulatory enforcement patterns, SOW compliance

Enterprise Content Management

Complete document management, scan, digitize, annotate, migrate, integrate with workflows

Health, Safety, Credentialing & Privilege Management

Employee Health, incident, investigation, care, case, OSHA, RTW, provider credentialing & privilege management

Bill Review, Claims, Case and Content Management

Integrated bill review, claims, case, and content management

Digital Workplace for Occupational Health and Occupational Medicine

One Cloud… One Core Database… All Stakeholders Interconnected

The Results:

60% faster implementation at 40% lower cost of ownership with payback period of one year. Increased new revenue opportunity by 15% through digitized workflow and easier share of data & information with customers

The Real Big Picture Outcome:

  • Accelerated pace of introduction of life-changing medicines and treatment procedures
  • Alignment with approved treatments, improved patient care and faster payments for services rendered for healthcare providers
  • Simplified billing and faster reimbursements through embedded treatment guidelines, faster utilization reviews and compliance
  • A Safer, Healthier and Efficient Workplace

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Our Story. Through Client’s Words.

Northwell Health has established its leadership position in workforce safety through its well-established processes and systems. However, the rapid business expansion and emerging needs for digitized and mobile operations across various sites needed more modern, agile and advanced technology solutions. Xybion’s EmidenceTM platform satisfies our current and evolving future needs with the unique adoption technique of "Your Process – Your Way”, said Joseph F. Molloy, Vice President, Workforce Safety at Northwell.

Northwell Health System

Upgrading from Maximo® 6.2 to 7.6 was challenging, especially looking at our global operations with multilingual SOPs. Xybion could easily migrate the system with assurance to regulatory compliance.

A Global Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

There were limited choices available for real-time monitoring and reporting on SharePoint®. We were interested in access above defined thresholds. As we described our needs with Xybion, they offered the ComplianceBuilderTM solution as an option and it has been very reliable in doing exactly what we needed it to do.

A Leading Sterilization Service Provider

We wanted to go paperless without impacting our existing business processes. It was a smooth transition for our users thanks to Xybion’s Labwise.

A Leading Pharmaceutical Manufacturer

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We are proud to be able to say that 100% of the top twenty

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