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Solutions for Healthcare

From hospitals to clinics to medical device manufacturing, the Healthcare Sector presents a unique set of regulatory compliance challenges for companies.  In addition to managing a myraid of ever-changing regulations, the number one issue within the healthcare industry is COST CONTROL.  In recent years, costs at all levels has spiraled out of control. Regulatory compliance requirements and industry standards are changing and increasing rapidly.  Integrated healthcare providers must master and understand JCAHO, ARRA, HIPAA and HITECH as well as other national and state regulations for patient safety. Apart from regulatory pressures is the need for healthcare providers to prepare themselves for Medicare and Medicaid audits such as the RAC, MIC, and ZPIC audits is an ever-growing constraint on resources.  Xybion can help your system reduce the costs of these critical processes.
The solution to cost containment as well as many of the challenges facing the healthcare industry is the integration of people, processes, and advanced technology.  The adoption of advanced technologies to support enterprise compliance management and governance initiatives may serve to revolutionize all areas of the healthcare system.   It is well understood among industry officials that current healthcare reform initiatives demand the adoption of advanced technology solutions, including clinical and pre-clinical information management systems, enterprise content management, enterprise quality management, and Electronic Medical Records (EMRs).
Current technology-driven changes will necessitate the adoption of an advanced IT infrastructure across the healthcare industry to support compliance, risk management, and governance as well as enterprise content management.
Xybion offers a comprehensive portfolio of solutions for the healthcare industry.  Our solutions help healthcare organizations effectively manage quality, risk, and compliance objectives in a controlled manner.  Global healthcare organizations have leveraged Xybion’s solutions for compliance management, risk management, case management, and certification management for organizations such as Joint Commission.

Solutions for healthcare include:

  • Compliance, Governance, Risk

  • Records Management

  • Regulatory solutions

  • Information migration and management

  • Asset Management

  • Validation


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