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Pristima Vivarium Management

Pristima Suite, the Total Preclinical Solution, provides a complete Vivarium Management Platform designed to streamline your preclinical processes and try it obtain levitra without prescription management.  Information management is an essential component of medical research.  Gaps in the information management process impact the quality and efficiency of your research.  For over 30 years, Xybion has been bridging the purchase viagra online'>purchase viagra online gaps in research information with better tools for researchers.

Pristima VM™ is the research industry’s first enterprise software solution for vivarium management and buy low price levitra'>buy low price levitra veterinary care integrated with research and safety study management. When used in conjunction with the Pristima preclinical solution for study management, Pristima VM™ delivers advanced, end-to-end capabilities for managing veterinary research subjects and the facilities they live in.   The solution also allows users to track veterinary research subjects throughout the research process, collect critical results, and deliver comprehensive reports for regulatory submissions.  

Pristima VM™ is suitable for complex or simple vivariums and delivers a true picture of your research program management.


GLP systems are subject to validation as part of click now cheap quality levitra the overall implementation and deployment of preclinical data management software.  Xybion offers comprehensive validation services that support current FDA guidance and www.dsoba.com best practices.  Our experienced consultants will develop key deliverables and guide your project to a one-time, successful conclusion within budget.


With over 300 years of collective experience among our team, Xybion's consultants offer strategic direction for data migration, systems integration, validation, and system deployment.  Our team offers deep domain knowledge in preclinical data management and can assist you with developing strategies to avoid some of the common pitfalls associated with enterprise system deployments.  


Delivering great customer service is vital to everything we do at Xybion.  As a testament to http://horizonuu.org/canada-generic-viagra our outstanding customer service, we are proud to have clients who have been with us for over 30 years.  We offer unparalleled customer support to ensure 24x7 operation of your preclinical lab.  Our dedicated support team serves our global client base.  Xybion's talented customer support team includes leading experts, system analysts and programmers with deep experience in application development and support for the drug and chemical research environments.

The Pristima Suite is a comprehensive Research and Safety Study Management application.  The system offers advanced capabilities for toxicology and pathology data management.  Pristima® VM delivers extensive capabilities for Vivarium Management and Veterinary Care.  This unique solution delivers key features that effectively bridge the order generic viagra gap between the business, animal management and scientific aspects of research absent in many of today’s preclinical solutions.  Pristima® VM’s rich graphical user interface and detailed reports and visualizations deliver the most comprehensive animal facility solution.


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